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Favorite Bedrooms

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I would show my favorite bedrooms.
Some may not think these are romantic, but I think they are beautiful and comfortable.  I love this room from Simple Details.

And this small, but cozy and perfect bedroom from The Pursuit of Style.

And check out this posting from Vignette Design. There are some good ideas for nightstands here.

I love the pink headboard below.  Would it work for a master bedroom?  Not sure.  But the room is so pretty.

These bedrooms may not necessarily be romantic, but they are certainly pretty and restful.
What is your criteria for a master bedroom?


What is catching your eye in home décor as we enter 2016?  I have been keeping a list of things I need around the home and thought I would share a few of them with you.

This one really isn't new to me.  I have been in love with this rustic weathered wood finish for awhile.

Somehow, furniture with this finish manages to straddle the divide between traditional and updated, which is where I seem/want to land.  I have brought it into my home on my dining room server and a chair.

I am looking forward to looking through this new book to see if there are more examples of this look.

Next up, grasscloth.  I have always loved the warmth and texture that grasscloth wallpaper brings to a room.  I am not ready to commit to a full room yet (it's not cheap), but how about grasscloth covered furniture?
Below, some ideas from Pinterest.

I will be looking for a simple inexpensive table that I can put some grasscloth on.  I especially love the blue colored paper.

I also want to freshen up my look with a more modern candlestick.  Of course they are many beautiful styles at Pottery Barn and World Market.
I love the hefty, ethnic look of these from Pottery Barn.

And they have that bleached wood finish that I love! Bonus!

This next one is easily achievable as well - Turkish towels!

Again, a rustic modern vibe.  Great colors, but that fringe really gets me.

I have been reading about the versatility of these towels, as beach blankets/towels, even coverlets for the bed.  This look is perfect for a  cool summer night.

This last one I have begun incorporating into my home, also.  I just love displaying white china, whether it is ironstone or milk glass.  it crosses the divide between country and modern and lands...where?  I'm not sure but I am loving it.

Of course there are many more trends and ideas to love in the coming year.  That is the fun of creating a home that is fresh and uniquely you.
What is on your wish list for the coming year?


 We will be digging out of this one for some days to come. 
Luckily I won't be bored asI have quite a few projects I have been meaning to get done.

I heard we received over two feet of snow in our area.

Snow makes everything more beautiful, doesn't it?  And also more quiet.

That mound to the right is our car!

 Look at my hanging basket!  You can see I didn't do a very good job of putting away my summer décor.

I feel very grateful that we never lost power.  As long as you have power, you can enjoy the beauty and adventure, from your cozy home.

I'm looking forward to some great pictures from this one.

Organizing Styles

It's January and everyone's thoughts turn to organizing it seems.  I admit I have been reading blogs about organizing too.  And, I have begun reading Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up.
But the real issue of why managing our stuff is a problem, is that we have different styles, different levels of tolerance for clutter.
In my reading I found this article in House Beautiful about the designer Charlotte Moss.  The article is not about organizing at all.

This is a picture of Charlotte Moss' study.  In the story she says she likes to be able to "see and grab" whatever she needs.  She also doesn't like file cabinets, "because they are so ugly" and she doesn't want to fish around in drawers looking for what she needs.
I am a little bit like this too.  Obviously you cannot keep every little thing out in the open, but I do keep the items I use daily out where I can see them. 
The answer is neatness.  While there is a lot of décor and books, etc. in Charlotte Moss' office, it is arranged.
There is more stuff out than I would want, but the room is beautiful and interesting.
I recommend the article, where she talks about her wall of dames.  She keeps scrapbooks!  Such an interesting and creative person.
Are you busy organizing closets and drawers?  What is your organizing style?

City Condo

Last year Cottage daughter and I went to a couple of barn sales held in our area.  The sales range in price depending on whether an item has been updated in any way.

My daughter spotted this chair, below:

That honey maple finish is so 1950s to me, but I saw the potential.
I love the turned cross-bar on the bottom.  And the chair is so sturdy.  Also,
this is the kind of re-upholstery I can do.

I gave it my paint treatment, which consists of a coat of chalk paint in gray (mine is called Paris Grey).  Then, after the paint is completely dry I go over it with Briwax in the dark stain. See some of my other projects here and here.
Cottage daughter bought the fabric online.  I stapled the seat fabric over the old fabric. 

I cut fabric to fit the inside top and then I pinned it on the chair while I worked around the arms, folding the fabric under.  This takes some fussing.  I then stapled around the back side of the chair top.
Next, I cut a piece of fabric to fit on the back side of the top.  I stapled the wrong side of the fabric on the top.  Then folding the fabric on the side is sewed it to the front piece in small stitches.  I then stapled it underneath.

I plan to do a before and after of her (and her husband's) DC condo soon.  We are now referring to it as Bunnyhill Condo. Ha!
She has made a few changes on a budget that have had a big impact on their space.
Have a great week!

New Year's Eve

We rarely go out on New Year's Eve.  A quiet dinner or small party at a friend's home is just our speed.

This year we had a few friends over the night before New Year's eve.  Thus, there is no pressure to party 'til you drop, or even stay up until midnight.

I kept the menu pretty simple by buying a few things.  Since we had some vegetarians in the crowd I wanted some tasty dishes for them and all of us who are trying to be healthy.
There were stringless snap peas at the grocery store so I grabbed those.  I made a dip with sour cream, a couple of tablespoons of honey mustard and a little cayenne. The peas were so good on their own, but the dip made it a little more special.  We also had endive leaves spread with some Boursin.  Very easy.

Prosciutto is another item that can be purchased and it is always a crowd pleaser.  I go to a special store for mine.  The quality is better.
I did cook an eye of the round roast and sliced it for sandwiches.  I don't want my guests to leave hungry.  We also had cheese and grapes.

I like to have little bowls of snacks all around the party:  pretzels, olives, peanuts, marcona almonds.  It's so nice when you are having a drink to grab a quick bite.

It is hard to believe how quickly this year went by.
We lost a grandfather and a close friend.  But we gained a family member, our sweet daughter-in-law.
These events have reinforced my belief in cherishing those who are important to us.  One of my resolutions is for my actions to reflect how much I value family and friends.
I am working on a few other resolutions, including a few of the more practical variety.
Do you make resolutions?


Merry Christmas!

There is no end to my Christmas decorating.  I will be adjusting and arranging right up to Christmas dinner, and even beyond.  I can't stop myself!
Here are a few of my latest projects.

I read about this project of decorating jars with salt to give them a frosted effect on Remodalondo la Casa.  Paint the jars with Modge Podge and roll them in Epsom salts.  I used kosher salt because I had an enormous box.

Quick, easy and foolproof, all of my criteria for a DIY project!
I even made Christmas cookies this year.
once I discovered what great snow you can make with salt, be it Kosher or Epsom, I created this little vignette.

I keep him by the kitchen sink since it seems I am in the kitchen so much lately.
Holidays bring a lot of extra work for those of us trying to make it magical for our family and friends. 
When I was younger I thought I had to make each year bigger and better.  But, no. 
That took a lot of stress out of Christmas when I let go of that idea.

We have had Christmases when Mr. C and Cottage girl were deployed.  But, of course the best ones are when we are all together.
No fancy food or perfect gifts required.

My little Yorkie granddogs are coming tonight!  Family gatherings wear them out.  Here they are after Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas!!